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How to Make Parle g Biscuit Cake

Hi companions, today we will make PARLE G BISCUIT CAKE IN PRESSUR COOKER. French sear is exceptionally delicious, it is cooked in restorent and at home also.the kids like it in particular.

Preparation time -15 minutes

Time to cook in -25 minutes


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  • Firstly, In a bowl take powdered biscuits, add the sugar, milk powder and baking powder and mix.

  • Now add the Vanilla essence and milk. Whisk properly until the mixture is smooth.

  • Now Add the dry fruits or Tooti frooti and beaking soda .

  • Now transfer this batter into a bowl.

  • Place the bowl in the pressure cooker. Remove the gasket/ring of the cooker.

  • Now Keep the whistle on and bake the cake.

  • Now the first five minutes on high flame and then 15 to 20 minutes on medium flame.

  • Remove the lid to check if the cake is baked. You can check by inserting a knife/skewer to see if it is baked.

  • It takes slightly more time for the cake to bake from center.

  • Now keep the lid on of the cooker even after you take it off the heat. The steam helps to bake the cake from the center.

  • Now the cake is ready to eat .Now you can serve it.

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